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Plug Chargers

An eco-friendly, portable charger 
built with 100% recyclable resources


Logo + Design

When designing Plug Charger's logo, we wanted to create an icon over using type. This logo is unique because we were able to combine both type and the icon to actually look like a plug entering an outlet. And there you have, Plug Chargers.

Product Packaging

Packaging the product was simple because both the charger and the wrapper that contains it have the same iconic logo. Keeping simplicity within the brand, like the logo itself, to help with brand recognition.


Color Scheme

The color scheme was simple: Create something eye catching + original. Blue is a calming color, while yellow resembles lightening and electricity. The contrast in colors worked magnificently and they were automatically a pair from the start.

Print Design

The logo is also versatile to match all sorts of printing products. From onesies, to chargers, to business cards, it is simple, modern, and timeless.

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