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The Easy Artist Box

DIY Decor to Your Door


Logo + Design

Designing the Easy Artist Box was so much fun because it was like coloring outside of the lines. The idea was to appeal to women and children and finding your inner artist. There is also, The Charitable Artist Box, and the Budding Artist Box.

Print Materials

Print materials were also a fun part of branding The Easy Artist Box because it included more materials than most: letterhead, stickers, paint pallets, business cards and more!


Color Scheme

The Easy Artists Box color scheme is bright, cheerful, and colorful; just like your painting pallet.


Fonts are fun, slightly script as well as handwritten. With the secondary font being a san serif so to not take away or compete with the boldness of the primary font.

EAB Paint Party1-37.jpg


Taking photos of paint parties is always entertaining because everyone has a different style, which is what the Easy Artist Box is all about; uncovering your style, sharing it with others and bringing everyone together for a memorable time.

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