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Abstract Artist

Salmeron: Work

Logo + Design

To create the Salmeron logo, we wanted to create an icon without being unoriginal. The direction Monarch went was by using the letters of the artist's first name, Gina, to create an abstract icon. This was far from traditional and really stretched both of our boundaries working together on this look.

Print Materials

When it came to print materials there are not many to create other than business cards because Gina's work speaks for itself. We also created a stamp out of linoleum for Gina to use when signing the back of her paintings.

Perspective Business Cards MockUp.png
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Color Scheme

Gina was adamant about using greens and blues that popped and blended together. Hence how her final logo looks. She works with a lot of watercolor so we went for a digital watercolor look on her final logo/business cards.


Fonts were quick and east. A new age, modern, san serif.

Salmeron: Projects
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