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Lindsay Nussbaum Tutoring
& Adolescent Life Coaching

The Highest Grade in Academic Tutoring


Logo + Design

Designing LN Tutoring was a challenge, because our client did not want iconography. Instead we created a three-dimensional looking logo to contain both the "L" and "N" for Lindsay Nussbaum. They fit so well together it just clicked.

Web Design

The LN logo stands out among all platforms it faces, especially its very own website. With this eye-popping design, it is easy to grab the attention of the target audience and make a statement for sure.

iMac 5k Retina Office Mockup with Items.

Color Scheme

Bold, bright and colorful. Just like Lindsay Nussbaum. It was a must for our client to have very fluorescent colors, so we obliged.

Print Design

We continue to regularly do print and graphics for LN Tutoring. Once again, the colors of this logo make it POP and not easy to miss. It makes other print projects easily noticeable as well, another benefit.

Poster Artwork in a Modern Loft MockUp.p
LDN Cow-01.png


Recently, we have added a mascot to the LN Tutoring family, Lullabelle Longhorn. As our client is a University of Texas Longhorn, it made the most scene to channel her inner spirit animal and make a mascot to help "tutor the little ones" and as the phrase goes "Learn with the Longhorn!"

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