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Holman Hope
Home Organizing

Bringing Order, Function, and Hope Out of Chaos

HH Launch-02.png

Logo + Design

Branding Holman Hope was an amazing experience. Our client preferred a more feminine look and appeal with a little botanical/flower to keep it feeling soft and friendly.

Web Design

Designing the website for Holman Hope was also very fun because it required a lot of content creation. It channels cleanliness, and order, like the tagline expresses.

HH Launch-03.png

Color Scheme

These colors flow so well and compliment each other with such poise. Creating a calming, orderly, and bright feeling, all of which further describe Holman Hope.

Print Design

Business cards, stationary, letterhead, and other graphics are all apart of Holman Hope's print needs. Her logo effortlessly fits everything so perfectly and is easy to mix and match with the bright color scheme.

Holman Hope Cards.png


With Holman Hope, Monarch has had the opportunity to take in-house photos of our client for her website, social media, and other business profiles performing her organizing.

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