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Tommy's Pimento Cheese

"if there was a Pimento Cheese as good as mine 
at the grocery store I wouldn't bother making it myself"

Tommys Final Logo(s)-01.png

Logo + Design

Tommy's logo is meant to look, classic, old-fashioned, and bold. It easily fits all contents for the package and is very versatile when it comes to multiple flavors.

Product Packaging

Packaging Tommy's product is simple and easy due to his logo and how it can accommodate multiple colors and products he offers.

Tommy's Final Logo-13.png
2021 Website Additions-08.png

Color Scheme

The original color scheme consists of orange, navy, and white. While those colors are rotated they can also be interchanged with the green and red for other products.


The fonts chosen for Tommy's logo show a certain hierarchy within the logo so the title (serif) stands out the most, the product is visible because it is in a script, and the flavor, (which is normally a different carrying color) is a simple san serif and easy to read.

Tommy's Photoshoot-273.jpg


When it comes to photoshoot days with Tommy's Pimento Cheese, there is never a lack of things to photograph. With Tommy and Jodie so charismatic in the kitchen as they cook away, along with the fresh ingredients, pictures are a plenty.

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