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Transforming Brands & Businesses

At Monarch Atelier, we want to help you discover, define and fine-tune your brand and its identity and implement your creative visions. Our company is driven by a passionate thinker who works closely with each brand to create strategies that produce creative results.
We believe there is a different formula for every business when it comes to branding, social media, and web presence. Monarch loves content and design, but thrives on the data necessary to succeed in a rapidly growing digital world. It is our job to get down to the bare-bones of a business and implement a successful strategy that will allow it to take its best form.

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Monarch's Identity

Our Core Values

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Social Butterfly

At Monarch, we are social butterflies with a plethora of knowledge about social media. We will turn you in to a social butterfly yourself when it comes to your media presence. We want your social medias to be oozing with your brand!



The symbol of the butterfly is a symbol of endurance and hope. At Monarch, we are committed to you and making the best version of your company. We only want to find the best way to let your dream shine through your business and brand.



Like the butterfly, your business will go through a process of change and growth with Monarch Atelier. We look forward to bringing new ideas for you to digest. There is always room for more creativity, growth and transformation!



Kaleidoscope, or a term for a group of butterflies. Here at Monarch, you are never left in the dark. Monarch is all about collaboration and working together to discover the best branding scheme for you!

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The Story Behind Monarch Atelier

Regal | Transforming | Personable

Founder, designer, and CEO, Kathryn Hinnant, pays homage to her grandmother's favorite butterfly, the Monarch. In addition to this, the Monarch butterfly itself displays regality, royalty and high-power in metaphorical terms, thus representing how Monarch Atelier is represented and is what separates them from the rest. 



The French term, atelier, comes from the definition: a workshop or studio, private workshop especially one used by an artist or designer.​

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"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty."

Maya Angelou

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