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Texas Advanced Paralegal Seminar

Paralegal Division of the State Bar of Texas

TAPS 2020-02.png

Logo + Design

This year's TAPS logo was all about the roaring twenties, clearly. It incorporates art-deco along with icons from the 20's that bring one back 100 years to flappers, speak-easies, and Gatsby-like-nights.

Product Design

With the TAPS 2020 logo it was printed on lanyards, t-shirts, and stickers to celebrate and reign in not only the new year, but also another year at Texas Advanced Paralegal Seminar.

ID Card PSD MockUp.png
TAPS 2020-01.png


Instead of one simple logo, we decided to take this branding to the next level and create multiple "roaring twenties" themed icons and turn them in to stickers for all of the paralegals to enjoy and take home.

Print Design

This remained the main logo for the TAPS 2020 event. It was easy to convert to black and while as well as maintain the 1920's color scheme created.

TAPS 2020-03.png
TAPS: Work
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