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Mill Street Grows

Naperville, IL Elementary School


Logo + Design

Mill Street Elementary reached out to Monarch to design a logo for their new in-school garden. This logo represents the school, the children, and their garden through a classic look, while keeping it at the elementary level and appeal to a younger audience.

Print Product

Mill Street Grows logo was a terrific combination of educational and innovative for elementary school level. It made perfect prints on bags, banners, and other materials needed for the school and its auction.

Small Canvas Tote Bag MockUp.png
Mill Street-08.png

Color Scheme

The color scheme is representative in two very simplistic ways: Green for growth, plants, learning, knowledge and the garden. Red is Mill Street Elementary's school color, which made it easy to combine with the green for a elegant final logo.

Print Design

Our approach to Mill Street Grows was to show the educational side through a book icon, while incorporating the growth of a small plant icon coming out of the book. It is representative of growing + knowledge, similar to the children at the elementary age.

Poster Artwork in a Modern Loft MockUp.p
Mill Street Grows: Work
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