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The Good Brand, the Bad and the Ugly.

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

This is a topic that is easy to grasp, but difficult to keep up with. Let me explain:

A good brand means this brand has a clear focus/mission, target audience, and their key values are easily identifiable. This is different than a "brand identity". A brand identity is the collection of all of these things to portray the perfect image to the client or customer. Subtle difference, easy concept, but like I said, difficult to keep track of.

Bad brands, or brands that struggle to have a brand identity means they don't really know who they are, what their goals are or what they even want, which is a "big mistake, big, huge!" - only you movie quote fanatics will get that one. ;)

This is what most of my clients face challenges with and where I step in! I love helping businesses rediscover themselves or start putting out more creative and better content that fits their "brand identity". It is important to ALWAYS stay on brand in a business. The more consistency, the better. So next time you want to rethink your brand, give me a shout and let me know your thoughts. I know I will be able to help you and your business thrive!

You can always reach out to me through email, text or call!

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