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Looking to a New Year! (10 new habits for a better you)

This blog post I have been holding off with for a while so that it could really sink in with the end of the year. With 2020 winding down and the new year approaching quickly, I thought it would be good to get those new year's resolutions ideas flowing! So without further adieu, here is my top ten list of habits you should change in the upcoming year!

1. People who drain your energy.

Let's start off with my favorite because this is something that people really should focus more on. If you find yourself dealing with people who mentally drain you, then remove yourself from that. There is no bigger time waste than being mentally drained that you cannot do you work. So cut out those toxic happenings and clear your head of bad energy. Only positive, uplifting and supportive people should be in your life.

2. Constantly feeling compelled to compare yourself to others.

You are your own person. Stop trying to be someone else. Everyone's story is also different, so you cannot compare. If you find yourself comparing then just remember: Your vibe attracts your tribe. If you are trying to be something you're not, then people will see through your bullshit. You gotta do you, girl!

3. The need to have everything all figured out before you've even begun.

Ok first, not possible. I should stop there because there is nothing left to say really about this because it is humanly impossible to have "everything figured out". But, I wanted to digress a little and let you in on a little secret. I am guilty of this. I know shocking right?!?! Just kidding. If you know me well, you know I am a perfectionist, like most of us are in this field of industry and in this world in general. But, when I was in college, I came to find out that, you just simply cannot have everything figured out for yourself. Then there is no point, no spontaneity, no rollercoaster to life. So, cut the shit and quit trying to have all your mess figured out, cause NO ONE DOES!!!

4. The fear of failure.

Repeat after me: Failure is a good thing! I know I have talked about this on my blog or social media accounts before, but it really is the truth! You MUST fail forward in life to be able to not only learn so you can grow, but also so you can succeed! This I have also struggled with in the past, but I changed my mindset and instead of being afraid to fail, I make a game of it. I think, "Ok Kate, what can we do today to get out of the comfort zone and so some good old fashioned learning?" Seriously, I ask myself that on a regular basis. If you want to steal that idea from me, go for it, I ain't stopping you!

5. Criticisms ~ for what you did or didn't do with your business.

In the words of DJ Khaled, "ANOTHAH ONE"! Yep, this is yet another subject that I struggled with and honestly, still do to this day. (If you don't know who DJ Khaled is it's fine). Anyways, yes, you need criticisms in this world. Like the two habits listed above, they are a necessary evil and you need to get over it. You gotta fail forward with your criticisms so you can continue on and get to figuring out what you need to do better on. See how they all mesh together?

6. The "I can't mindset".

All I have to say to this is, why don't you ask yourself, "what have you got to lose?"

7. Procrastination (we're all guilty of it).

Stop making excuses. Get off the couch and go do those 50 crunches you've been putting off since 2018. I know it's easy to lay on the couch and binge The Office for the 10th time of quarantine, believe me I've been there too. But this is the year to get up off the couch and #JUSTDOIT

8. Spending more than you earn, aka bad spending habits.

Ok, this one is a biggie for me. I am terrible at saving money. Not just for personal shopping, I love buying gifts, and impulse buys, things for my dogs, Christmas shopping, business items, and the list could go on. But, I have decided that I am going to be the Queen of Saving next year! I heard some advice from a dear friend and client of mine that you should always save 10% of any money you had come in. If it was your birthday and you got $100, but $10 in a savings account and DON'T TOUCH IT! Over time, it will add up and you will be rolling fat in the dough!

9. Not making yourself a priority.

A very very important habit that we all need to make a little more time for. We all know this year has been a shit-show, to say the least. We're all running around like a bunch of chickens with our heads cut off trying to work, watch the news, COVID, zoom, and whatever the hell else. We forget about ourselves. Take time for yourself. Make YOU a priority. In one of my most recent podcasts I discovered a lovely piece of advice: "Stop taking the daily routine and drive a different way home from work, stop and watch the sunset, breathe in the air and be mindful of what is around you and be grateful for what you have in this world." I found it not only beautiful but absolutely true.

10. Self-doubt

Last and certainly not least because this one is a biggie for me as well. I am always doubting myself and going back to #4 and #6 the fear of failing and "I can't mindset" both play huge roles in this self-doubting habit. It is a hard habit to tackle and overcome but babies steps towards not being so unsure are always helpful. You will get there one day, so start come 2021 and you will be a new person by 2022.

So before this horrid year comes to an end, take time for yourself to reflect on what you should change in your life or let go of so that 2021 can shine a little brighter.

I will leave you with this quote by Seth Gordon.

"The art of moving forward lies in understanding what to leave behind."

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