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Big Questions for Small Businesses

I am going to start this blog off with a question for you. Actually two, because these helped me not only find myself in my business, but really help me define who I am and what I want out of my career. So read the following questions below, and then see if you can answer them before and after you read this post... ready?

What are you great at?

What is your why?

Seem like simple questions right? Well, that is because you either know yourself and you've already graduated from this phase in your life, congratulations, you can stop reading this article now. (Haha, just kidding keep reading you might learn something new.) OR, you aren't digging deep enough in to yourself to be able to answer these questions with 100% confidence, and guarantee. These two questions in all honesty I am still working on myself. But, these two questions were the reason I dug deep and really got to know more about myself as a designer and business owner.

Let's start with the "what are you great at" question. This question really took me down for the count, because when I was asked this question by a business consultant friend of mine, I gave him a laundry list of things I could do, and he said "bullsh*t".

Stunned and throughly confused, he proceeded to tell me that just because I could do all of those things did not mean I was "great" at every single one, and that it was more important to hone in on one. I thought a lot about what he said and honestly was very unsure about myself and my business. This took some true self reflection and cutting through a lot of what ended up being clutter around me. But, it helped me better construct and define myself, my website and ultimately brought a lot more attention to my business. It is a tough question to find the answer to, because you are the only person who can find it, but in the end it is the best question to ask yourself, because it makes you find yourself.

Next question: "what is your why?" Another equally as important question to ask and understand about yourself, is your "why". This is something I work with alot of my clients on to make sure that they are aware of their passion and their business contains meaning. Asking yourself why is also difficult because you could answer the obvious reason as to why you do something... "To make money." "To have a job." "Because I love it."

Well, honey, those are not the answers to your "why" that we are looking for. Honestly ask yourself, why do you get out of bed everyday and go do what you do?

I will answer you mine:

Why I get out of bed everyday is to transform my clients, followers and future generations through design and help them feel inspired everyday to not only see the beauty in everything around them, but to also reach their full potentials as businesses and individuals as well.

That is my "why". This is why I get up everyday and create, design, and do for others. Whether it's a logo, an ad on social media, a website edit, or photoshoot. I want to put the best face on my client's businesses that I can as well as inspire others everywhere through the beauty of art and design.

So today, I challenge you to ask yourself these questions. Find your "why" and find out what you're "great" at. Share this article and help a friend or business out! You never know who you could help inspire. I hope this inspired you and you learned something new. Never stop transforming through design, or knowledge!

-Monarch signing off

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